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🔥 Zero Flats - Product of Spain. Whatever it takes to keep you pedaling!

🔥 Zero Flats - Product of Spain. Whatever it takes to keep you pedaling!

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Bikers, casual riders and especially MTB riders hate their rides being stalled by punctures. Zero Flat puncture sealant comes from Spain, a country favored by weather for year round cycling!

New stock of Zero Flats has just come in - with all new packaging, some new sizes and some new products. Check out below for details

Zero Flats - You won’t even know a flat. Just keep riding!

Zero Flats Puncture Sealant is a liquid that will be filled in your tires during your rides. The fast acting formula swings to action as soon as a puncture happens to clot and form a flexible, permanent plug. Available in different sizes in all new packaging!

Zero Flats Teknic for Inner Tubes

With its upgraded formula, Zero Flats Teknic works faster than any other puncture sealant! Designed for tires with inner tubes.


Zero Dust Chain Lubricant - Keep your chains moving!

Zero Dust is a high resistance formula that forms a film over your bicycle chains to protect them from outdoor elements such as weather, wind, water, dirt, and grime.

Zero Marine - your puncture sealant for marine inflatables

Works just as fast and efficiently as Zero Flats does for bicycle tires, but for marine inflatables like surfboards and paddleboards, where safety matters as much or even more than on the road!

Technical Tape for conversion to tubeless

Available in a range of sizes to suit road, gravel, mtb, or cyclo cross bikes.

CO2 Inflator

Pocket friendly, easy to carry accessory for your bike rides.

About Zero Flats

ZeroFlats is a Spanish based company, focused on making the best products for your bike, anti-puncture fluid, lubricating wax for the chain, tubeless conversion tapes, CO2 inflators, and more!

About Action Emporium

We are dedicated to bringing cyclists the best accessories on the planet. We’ve partnered with the best to make sure you have top quality, highly functional products to make each ride enjoyable. Check us out today for the all new Zero Flats line!



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