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Bicycle Fenders

Bicycle Fenders

Bike fenders are used to cover up the back tires from splashing rain and mud.

There are many Bicycle Fenders, of which some are fast to apply, others are strong, or pretty, or longer lasting, or just a mix of them all. The main idea is that you will be saved from dirt and sludge during a rainy or muddy day. 

Our selection presents some of the most used and best bicycle fenders on this planet. Basically, all our ASS SAVERS fenders are the main brand for fast applying and foldable options for fenders. You can keep them in a bag or pocket and they keep you somewhat dry. 

When you are serious about fenders, and you want to stay really dry, no other fender brand in the world has as much experience with that as SKS-Germany who are pioneers for all types of fenders since decades.

You can select your preferred type of cycling fender or mudguard from this selection of products. Any ride will be better on a rainy day with some proper fenders on your machine. Your bike will stay much cleaner and so will you.

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