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Hirzl Golf Gloves

HIRZL, a Swiss glove maker, features the most premium quality glove we can get.  Their absolutely unmatched tanning technology of Kangaroo leathers creates the finest layer of natural fiber between your skin and club.

Their gloves improve your grip during wet conditions by up to 600% in wet conditions. At the same time, these gloves keep your hands climatized and breathing all day for a fantastic glove experience at any day.

Many serious golfers are switching to HIRZL and stay loyal with HIRZL, because the glove immediately improves your grip, the reliability of your swing and the overall quality of your game.

HIRZL solves the issue of playing with sweaty palms in hot conditions, inferior grip during wet weather conditions, and gloves that crack and tear after just a few rounds as they last at least three times longer.

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