Ass Savers

Getting caught in the rain without fenders? ASS SAVERS s got you covered!

Ass savers literally save your ass when you are riding a bike in the rain. It becomes already difficult to ride the bike in the rain but some riders feel the adrenaline rush to ride a bike in such weather conditions. They continuously push themselves from riding the bike in such extreme weather conditions. The ass savers are being used by many people as they are facing difficulty in riding a bike without the fenders. The fenders cover the cycle tires and the ass saver is attached below the back of the seat. It does not need any special instructions to install. All you have to do is to clip that below the seat. The problem arises when the ass saver is not installed on your bike. All the back of the rider gets wet and the rider gets distracted. You can easily clean it by removing the ass saver and cleaning it with a wet cloth. If there is too much dirt on it then you can run it under the water and wipe it clean with a clean cloth. You can Buy Ass Savers from a number of options with different shapes and sizes. In the below list you can also find the front mudguards which are attached on the front tire. The front mudguards are also necessary because the water spray comes from the front tires also.