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You can find some of the best cycling tires available here.  We specialize on a bicycle tire brand that doesn't cut corners, sticks to firm quality control, and continues to get the best reviews by using the best components ever since.  Our top pick brand Panaracer has exclusively been manufacturing highest rated quality bicycle tires since 1952 in Japan. As the only Japanese bike tires manufacturer today, their domestic production allows for the highest level quality control with expert engineers researching and developing innovative compounds, tread patterns and casing technology and great prices.  All raw materials are hand-picked. Panaracer owns a ton of patented technologies to produce the nest tires. Panaracer’s strength is a top quality tire, available in a broad variety of sizes and applications such as gravel, touring, urban, recumbent, wheel chair, kids, MTB, road, but also entry level options. So, if you compare these to some other tire manufacturers like Schwinn or Walmart tires, it's like a night and day difference giving you more riding comfort, a lot less friction and easier riding, much more safety by adding a lot more grip to the street, puncture resistance for less frustration of having to pump or fix tires, and simply longer lasting tires that you won't wear out in a season or two. These tires last for many years.

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