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🤙 Get The Best Brake Pads For Your Winter Rides! Stop when you want with Miles Racing.

🤙 Get The Best Brake Pads For Your Winter Rides! Stop when you want with Miles Racing.

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Winter is just a couple of months away. It’s about time to prep your bike for safe riding! Check your brake pads to make sure they are in good working condition and get them replaced if necessary.

Here is why it's a great idea to take a look at Miles Racing brake pads if you need a pair of new brake pads.

Material Options

Miles Racing offers a choice of Semi-metallic, Sintered, or Organic pads to suit your driving conditions. 

Based on their features, sintered pads seem to be the best choice for riding those wet and snowy tracks.

SINTERED: Highly enduring brake pads are built by fusing metallic particles under very high temperature and pressure, which slows down the wear and ensures long life even under the most strenuous riding conditions. Experience uncompromised performance on wet, muddy, or snowy tracks compared to semi-metallic and organic pads. High-temperature endurance reduces quick heat buildup from continuous braking, offering the safest brake option for aggressive mountain bikers, especially on freerides and downhill.


SEMI METALLIC: High iron and copper content offers better thermal threshold and lower fade than organic brake pads. Special hard compound construction slows down the wear and ensures long life under common driving conditions in urban roads or low impact enduro rides, XC, Trail, E-bike, or dirt rides. They also provide the benefit of less noise and reduced rotor wear than sintered metallic pads.


ORGANIC: Organic brake pads are for the general riders, who do not slam on brakes too much and are looking for comfortable, soft braking at affordable prices. They are great for flat terrain rides, cross country and commuting. Being made of carbon compounds bonded by resin, organic brake pads are softer and quieter, making them great for leisure riding. Not recommended for applications requiring heavy braking as they are not high temperature tolerant. Organic pads work great in dry weather and are not recommended for wet or muddy conditions.

Which is your Bike?

Miles Racing pads are available for all major brake brands including SHIMANO, SRAM, AVID, TEKTRO, HOPE, HAYES, FORMULA and more! Check out the product description to see a complete list of compatible brake systems for each pad. You can also refer to our compatibility chart here for a complete overview.

Other Accessories For Wet Rides

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