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Riesel Design

Riesel Design

Colour your bike! - that is the philosophy that the Riesel design team live in and that that the colorful ideas contributes a big piece. From Dresden to the world, the fresh designs and colours of rie:sel design products getting an ever larger fan base.

rie:sel design is based on 2 columns. This is, on the one hand, premium refinement of bicycle parts such as frames or forks. With the Mudguards schlamm:PE, kol:oss, rit:ze and Co. they offer mini mudguards, which provide a clear look and dry bum. The clever helpers are mounted easily and quickly on the suspension fork or on the saddle. 

Products from rie:sel design can be found anywhere on the bike. Always fresh, always colorful! This makes the bike an absolute eye-catcher and unique. For the perfect appearance, haptics and longevity of the surface, we create a symbiosis of the materials lacquer, foil and our high-quality surface sealing.

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