🤙 Just Focus on your Ride. TSG Has Your Back for Safety.

🤙 Just Focus on your Ride. TSG Has Your Back for Safety.

Stop worrying about safety when riding with TSG. The Swiss brand “Technical Safety Gear” has been the top choice for professionals for cycling, BMX, and skateboarding protection. 

Since their inception in 1988, this brand, designed by riders for riders, has saved lives of many, including Tony Hawk during his unusual landing doing his famous head loop. Following helmet signed and sent by Tony Hawk in 1999 speaks more volume than any advertorial:



TSG Helmets

TSG helmets are very popular for their snug, yet adjustable fit, wearing comfort, stylish profiling, and good coverage for safety. While specific design features vary from model to model, all the helmets are quite popular among riders for aesthetic as well as functional features. TSG Helmets are CPSC certified.

TSG Protective Pads

TSG offers quite a wide range of knee and elbow protection gear for bikers and skateboarders. Most gears feature PE caps for impact protection, EPS liners for shock absorption, easy pull over design, velcro straps for secure fit, and pre-shaped design to go along with the natural shape of your body. Check out each product page for exact specs to see if it meets your needs.

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