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📝 Your Complete Guide to Bicycle Mudguards

📝 Your Complete Guide to Bicycle Mudguards

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👉 How to choose the right mudguard that is compatible with your bike, riding style, and wheel?


Your Complete Guide to Bicycle Mudguards

Mudguards are a cyclist’s friend for many reasons. First and foremost, to stay dry from sprays and splashes during wet weather rides. Secondly, they protect and prevent buildup of dirt and grime on your bicycle parts, thereby reducing maintenance requirements.

Thill riders generally like to keep their bikes minimalistic, and hence most of the bikes do not come standard with mudguards, making it an optional purchase for those who require one.


Types of mudguards

Bolt-on mudguards are a permanent solution for riders who prefer to have year-round protection from mudguards. They typically offer more coverage and stability in rasher riding conditions. Bolt-on mudguards are a great choice for bikes with enough clearance, and enough mounting options like a seatstay bridge or drilled fork crown to bolt on.

Clip-on mudguards are great for bikes without much clearance, or the frame eyelets for mounting permanent mudguards. They can be easily clipped on or attached to seat posts, seat tubes, stays, or fork.

Zip Tie mudguards are the most popular among mountain bikers, as they tend to be lighter and easy to install and remove, as evident from the name itself.

Saddle mudguards fit right under your saddle and protect your back from sprays. These are perfect for minimalist riders.


Choosing the correct mudguard size

To get the full protection from your mudguards, be aware of the following factors before choosing them.

Tire Radius: Make sure that the mudguard is compatible with your tire radius, commonly 650b or 700c for road, urban, commuter, or touring bikes & 26”, 27.5”, or 29” for mountain bikes.

Tire Width: Generally mudguards should be 40% or 8-12mm wider than the tire to offer good protection and clearance to ensure free movement.

Frame Clearance: It is important to make sure that you have enough frame clearance to fit in the mudguard.



Ass Savers: Ass Savers mudguards are very popular, top selling mudguards among commuters and urban bikers. They are available in the most popular regular size 23-35mm wide tires, or big size for wider 30-55mm mtb or fat bike tires. As the name implies, they have your back! These clip-on mudguards are easy to fit and are very lightweight. Available in regular or big size as well as in other styles mudder, mudder mini, and fendor bendors.


SKS: SKS has a wide variety of permanent mudguards in many sizes, also available as front mudguard, rear mudguard, or full set. We have catalogued them so that you can easily filter by tire width and tire size to find compatible options.

Villain: Villain Vandal is a bolder choice for modern riders. These versatile mudguards can be easily tied on with zip ties on the front fork or rear triangle, based on your need for protection.


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