😎 Don’t be a fool. Safety is cool.

😎 Don’t be a fool. Safety is cool.

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Your Head First, Everything else Last!

TSG Pass helmet is a one stop solution to skateboarders with optimal design features in terms of protection, performance, safety, and comfort. Pass Helmet has been very popular among professional champions for several reasons, which we have covered below.


Level of protection that skateboarding requires is quite high, considering the speed and the adventures involved and the risks associated with falls and crashes. Naturally when helmets are made with the highest level of protection, they tend to add up in terms of bulk and weight. TSG Pass has been designed as an ultimate solution to the size and weight issue faced by bulky helmets. Compact shell design is sleek and stylish for modern skateboarders.

Wearing comfort

Lightweight design makes it very comfortable for riders to wear. Pass helmet offers award-winning fit and comes with adjustable pads for perfect fit. Breathability features are excellent in the Pass design with nose ports as well as exhalation fogging blocker feature.

Safety Certified

All TSG helmets are 100% team tested and lab certified. Pass Helmet meets the safety standards for EN 1078 - European standard for skateboard helmet, as well as ASTM F1952 - American standard for skateboarding helmets.

Crash protection

Full face design covers your brain and face from the injuries during crashes. Hardshell fiberglass construction offers the best impact resistance and protection.

Stylish design

TSG Pass sports a very modern design with a spherical curved visor with scratch-proof, anti-fog coating for best peripheral vision. Reflective visors will make riders prominent on the streets and during group rides.

Brand Equity

Backed by the TSG brand equity, which is a Swiss brand with more than 30 years of successful history in building safety gear for riders, the helmet is a no brainer choice for professionals and amateurs.


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