🤙 Fit, Safe & Fun Rides - Cycling Tips for Commuters

🤙 Fit, Safe & Fun Rides - Cycling Tips for Commuters

✊ Let’s praise hard work this May Day

Safe & Fun Cycling Tips for Commuters - Special feature on May Day

“Nothing will work unless you do” – Maya Angelou

To get anything done in this world, we need our workers - the real backbone of our society. This May Day, we thought about featuring some cycling tips for commuters, in terms of safety, fun, and entertainment.

Invest in right safety gear

Make sure that you always ride with a helmet, to keep your head safe. It is an investment that is totally worth it. Make sure your helmet is safety rated.

Get the right tires

Getting the right tire is important for safe and fun rides. Panaracer has a great selection for commuters.

Bags and backpacks

We have these innovative, upcycled backpacks and other travel accessories from Alchemy goods and Green guru, which are a great value to today’s conscientious commuters.

Go Premium with Spinergy Wheels

Spinergy uses state of the art technology to offer durable, high performance wheels for road bikes.

Be comfortable with right gloves

Villain MTB gloves are perfect for safe and slip free rides specifically for warm weather rides. For Winter rides, check out premium gloves from Hirzl.

Be prepared for flats

Don’t be bogged down by flat tires and punctures. Be smart and get yourself some puncture sealants that automatically get to action when you have punctures during your ride.

Track your rides

Cycling is more than just a ride. There is more fun in tracking your progress and sharing it with your dear ones. Check out cool bicycle computers which will help you do just that.

Your smart and cool cell phone holder

It is very important to  have your cell phone safely mounted and easily accessible. These colorful and sazzy Finn mounts are your best bet.

Get a proper mudguard for rainy day or Winter rides

Check out these lightweight, modern, and easy to use “Ass Savers” to save yourself from the splashes on your commute to work.

Stop when you want

It is very important to stop at the right time. Miles Racing brake pads are a top European brand that is making waves with our customers in the US.

Be Visible, Be Safe

Be sure to get safety rated lights for safe riding. We have premium lights from Sigma and Cliq to have you covered.

Ride forever with proper maintenance

Stock up on the right lubes, chain cleaners and other accessories for proper bike maintenance so you can keep riding forever!



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