💥 Top selling Action Sports Gear of Summer 2021 - Spinergy, TSG, Hirzl, and SKS.

💥 Top selling Action Sports Gear of Summer 2021 - Spinergy, TSG, Hirzl, and SKS.

With normalcy retained after the pandemic, this Summer has been a great experience for all outdoor adventurers. We saw great sales in our sports gear and would love to spotlight and celebrate a few of our winning brands of last quarter.


Spinergy Wheels

With their exquisite design details, Spinergy tops the bicycle wheel market for road bikers, mountain bikers, and racers.

Spinergy Experience

  • Superior resistance to harsh impacts
  • Less fatigue and more controlled rides
  • Wheels won’t pick up dirt, mud, or water
  • Quieter, peaceful rides.
  • No more broken spokes with PBO fiber technology that offers 3x the strength at half the weight

Technology Wheels

  • In-house patented PBO fiber strength
  • 2021 Model Wheels have new CNC Machined hub shells, centerlock disc mounts, larger, laterally stiff axles, hadley racing alloy cassette bodies and larger 4m hatchet ring with 108 points of engagement
  • Proprietary urethane foam core has the benefits of lightweight, structural stiffness, increased impact strength, vibration dampening, low water absorption, and sound deadening benefits


TSG Protection Gear

TSG is a leader in helmets and sports protection gear, with top quality, tested gear developed by riders, for riders. Don’t miss out on TSG protection and comfort for riders.

  • Complete protection knee pads and elbow pads
  • Hardshell construction for impact resistance, crash protection, and durability
  • Unique horse-shoe shaped design and fits well with the contour of the body for a perfect fit
  • Certified quality for peace of mind

TSG Helmets

With TSG helmets, you can ride in peace in the comfort of top quality, protection, and comfort.

  • Snug Fit and adjustable pads for adjusting the fit
  • Well ventilated for rider comfort
  • Tuned fit for different head sizes
  • Certified quality for peaceful rides


Hirzl Bike Gloves

Why struggle when you can enjoy comfort and grip with Hirzl gloves, the exclusive glove brand from Switzerland

  • Ultimate grip from in-house patented “Grippp” technology offering 5x grip in wet and 3x grip in dry conditions compared to other gloves
  • Excellent sweat control and water absorption by Kangaroo leather palms
  • Breathable design


SKS Bicycle Fenders

You cannot go wrong with SKS fenders with an excellent variety of front fenders, rear fenders, and fender sets. 

  • Enjoy full protection with extended coverage mudguards
  • Protect yourself from bulk of the mud sprays, water splashes, and slushed snow during rides



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