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🙌 No More Sorries Or Worries. Easy & Convenient Bike Safety Tips For All Cyclists

🙌 No More Sorries Or Worries. Easy & Convenient Bike Safety Tips For All Cyclists

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Nothing hurts more than coming back after your meeting or errand to find out that your bike’s missing. Well, it can happen if you did not lock your bike thinking it is a short run, or some experienced picker managed to break your lock. Here are some smart pointers to consider while parking your bike, to make it less attractive for pickers to attempt stealing.

  • Double up to maximize protection: Consider using two locks to secure your bike. A chain lock is a great choice if you keep your bike in the same place most of the time. A U-lock works best to take along with you when you go out.
  • Use a combination of different kinds of locks: This means that the lock picker will need different tool sets and skills to pick both, which makes it more time consuming and hence less attractive to thieves.
  • Lock smartly: Secure your bike frame rather than just wheels to avoid the possibility of burglars dismantling the rest of your bike by leaving just the wheels back. Try to keep the lock away from the ground so that it is not easy for thieves to smash the lock against the ground. Be careful with Quick Release skewers as the benefit of removing seats and wheels for portability, works the same way for thieves trying to steal your seats or wheels.
  • Leave less space to work with: Leave less room for burglars to work around while trying to cut or break your lock. When using a U-lock, try to fill the inside as much, making it least accessible for pickers.
  • Secure with an additional cable: In addition to locking, use an additional cable to secure your bike to a stationary pole, which adds more effort for pickers and also works as a great visual deterrent.
  • Make it a practice to lock your bike everywhere: Statistics suggest that most bike thefts are from home, where we tend to be more casual and diligent about safety. It is important to lock it anywhere you park - work, street, garage, shed, and even at your home. Try to keep your bike indoors if possible, especially when it is for a long duration and at nights.
  • Park in visible or busy areas: When outdoors, consider parking your bike to a permanent harness in a well seen area, with CCTV coverage etc., to make it less attractive for burglars to try picking. When there are a lot of parked bikes, try to pick a spot in the center between other bikes than the end, to make it less convenient for pickers to access.

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