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🤔 Why do cyclists wear gloves? What to look for in your bike glove?

🤔 Why do cyclists wear gloves? What to look for in your bike glove?

jon@zeitbike |

Pro-cyclists understand the importance of wearing gloves, for a multitude of reasons including protection, comfort, and safety. Let’s take a look at some of those aspects of how gloves help riders, as well as what to look for when buying your bike glove.

Why do cyclists wear gloves? Do you really need one?

  • Cycling gloves absorb sweat thereby keeping your hands dry
  • Padded gloves soak up trail vibrations thereby making your rides more comfortable
  • Gloves with ergonomic features reduce pressure on nerves and protect your palms and fingers from tingling and numbness which can be an after effect of regular riding
  • Gloves keep your hands warm and cozy during Winter and cold weather rides

What to look for in your bike glove?

  • Choose between short finger or full finger design depending on the weather condition
  • Look for a breathable design so that your hands are comfortable and not stuffy 
  • Check out the correct sizing for a snug and secure fit
  • Check out comfort features like thumb wipe to quickly wipe off sweat as you ride
  • Modern gloves usually have smartphone friendly design for modern riders


Reasons to get yourself a Hirzl glove today

  • Swiss brand trusted by professionals
  • In-house, patented “Grippp” technology offers the best grip in all weather conditions - wet or dry
  • Sweat free and water absorbing Kangaroo leather palms keep your palms dry
  • Lycra stretch-fit thumb insert for ease of finger movement
  • Breathable mesh backhand
  • Thumb wipe
  • Full Finger models have natural leather touchscreen fingers
  • Pull-on aid cuff for ease of wearing and removal
  • Grippp Light model highlights a “360° Move” ergonomic wrist construction
  • Tour SF 2.0 and FF 2.0 models have extra gel padding for additional comfort
  • Grippp Thermo gloves have additional protection features like: 
    • Reflective prints for additional visibility
    • Wind and water repellent backhand membrane
    • Extra long, warming waistband
    • Neoprene stretch insert on knuckles
  • Grippp Force FF has all the above features plus spandex flex inserts that goes in hand with natural hand structure to fit like second skin, making it suitable for baseball, softball, shooting and hunting in addition to cycling


If you are just looking for value gloves for protection and comfort on your warm weather rides, Villain Gauntlet gloves are a stylish, value option.



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