🔥 Why ONOFF MTB Pedals? Because you deserve the best!

🔥 Why ONOFF MTB Pedals? Because you deserve the best!

MTB riders are always looking for specific features like light weight, durability, and ability to handle dirt and splashes in all their bicycle components. ONOFF pedals have been designed with the choicest material, and design features to cater to just that.


ONOFF Pedals have a long standing history of engineering excellence, design, safety, and performance guarantee from Spain. The company has been passionately specializing in the MTB components industry since 1999.

Currently Action Emporium is offering two design choices and a variety of sleeky color options for the modern MTB riders!



Shield V2 pedal uses a combination of replaceable/molded grip pins for ease of maintenance and stability. Use of chromoly axles ensures lightweight benefits compared to traditional steel. Shield V2 is made with 6061 aluminium for construction benefits, strength and durability benefits. Weighing as little as 0.71 lbs, Shield V2 finds itself popular in DOWNHILL, FREERIDE, ENDURO, ALL MOUNTAIN applications.



ONOFF RESIN Pedals made using high quality plastic guarantee lightweight and performance benefits. Nylon platform ensures lower weight benefits but with strength assurance. Strategic pin placement ensures grip and support. Weighs just 0.79 lbs. 

Both the pedals are designed with mud sledding features to ensure that snow and dirt falls off easily when foot is placed on the pedal. 

Visit Action Emporium and get yourself a pair of ONOFF pedals, available in stylish, flashy colors for modern riders.






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