👇 A Cyclist’s Guide to Bicycle Spokes - Performance, Durability, Speed, & Style

👇 A Cyclist’s Guide to Bicycle Spokes - Performance, Durability, Speed, & Style

All of us know what we want out of our bicycle. But little do most of us know about how selection of wheel spokes matters in all that. Let’s take a simplistic look into how it all comes together.

Which is your bike?

Are you a commuter, racer, gravel cyclist, or mountain biker? Your selection of spokes varies a lot depending on your answer.

Commuters usually do not face a lot of rigorous trails, or impacts, and hence can go with simple choices for a reliable and comfortable ride. Racers need a significant speed and lightweight advantage. Gravel Cyclists, and Mountain bikers require a high level of stability, strength, and durability as their wheels tend to be abused by rigorous trails.

How Does Spoke Matter?

Spokes are available in a variety of choices - in terms of material, lacing pattern, number of spokes, and design, at a minimum.

High Tech Options for Material

Aluminium spokes have a significant advantage in terms of being lightweight and hence higher speed. Steel offers strength, rigidity, and durability, and hence is preferred by mountain bikers. Advanced choices of material are also available in the market, which combine both of these advantages, to offer stronger, faster, and lighter wheels. One such technology is Spinergy’s patented PBO, which offers 3 times the strength of steel, at half the weight.

Number of spokes

Wheels for racers usually are designed with a lower number of spokes, to keep weight low as well as for lower rolling resistance. More grueling rides, like gravel and MTB, usually require wheels with more spokes for strength, rigidity, lateral stiffness, and durability required in dangerous terrains.

Lacing Pattern

Road bikes usually have radial spoke design, which keeps it simple and lightweight. Enduring bike rides like mountain bikes use a 2x or 3x laced pattern where spokes are laced for better strength, weight distribution, and impact management, which comes at the cost of slightly higher weight.

Rounded or Bladed

Rounded spokes are very common and price effective and do a very good job for most casual riding and commuting. Racers will have significant advantage by going with bladed spokes, which are engineered for better aerodynamic performance and speed.


Finally spokes can make a fashion statement too. Spokes are available in attractive color choices, making your rides vibrant and cheerful.

We invite you to check out amazing choices of bicycle wheels, with different combinations of features we have discussed above. Spinergy Wheels use advanced PBO spokes, making them lighter, faster, and stronger wheels. Lot of choices are available for road bikes, mtb, cyclocross, or gravel riders.


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