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⛰️ Everything you need for your 2021 Outdoor Adventures

⛰️ Everything you need for your 2021 Outdoor Adventures

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💪 State of the art bicycle gear and cool personal gadgets to stand by your fitness regime

For today’s modern lifestyle, it's almost always early morning or night that we find the time to step out for a little hike, quick run, or for walking the dog. And visibility is the key factor here! Also, who wants to carry bulky lighting around during leisure walks or fitness runs! And comes the lightweight factor. Plus we need gadgets that withstand the outdoor weather elements! 

We have considered all these everyday factors as we introduce these ultra cool lighting solutions to cater to your routine! Here are some of our top picks for your night riding or outdoor ventures!

Light up your night rides, jogs and hikes

Looking for a beginner value light that can be easily carried around and fitted on to your bike easily? Here is one that is just the size of a matchbox and helps you stay visible during your rides. Weighing just 62 gms, Buster 100 is an ultra compact and lightweight LED light.

Ready for a more powerful solution to light up your trails and paths? Buster 300 with 300 lumens output is light and compact and fist easily onto helmets and bikes.

Looking for more light on your night adventures? With Buster 700, you will have 700 lumen output with 100 meters visibility range, also great for your treks and jogs.

Finally here’s an ultimate power light for all outdoor ventures. Buster 2000 gives out 2000 lumens of light and comes with a remote control and power back for easy recharging.

Now going to taillights, we are excited about this little LED light that will help you stay visible on high traffic rides. Nugget II can be easily attached to your bikes and taken off on a need basis. Weighing just 24 gm, this compact light is easy to carry around.

We also have an all rounder head light for trekkers, campers or joggers. HeadLED II is a very light weight, bright headlight for various outdoor activities. Weighing just 57 gm, it is comfortable to wear on your head.

All Sigma lights come with a special water resistance rating, great for outdoor use. The burn time for each light is dependent on the mode of operation. All lights can be charged with micro USB ports easily found in PCs and other electronic gadgets. 

Looking for a full set? Buster 100 and Buster 300 are available as combo offers with Nugget II flash!

Stay on top of your fitness goals. Make sure you are on track!

Looking for options to track your riding statistics? Here is Sigma’s cool collection of bicycle computers, with options of wired or wireless as well as choice of basic functions to extensive tracking including calories, GPS positioning etc.

Are you a runner or an athlete training for a goal? These techie sports watches to seamlessly measure your training and keep a watch to help you stay on track to realize your final goal!


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