☠️ Claim the trails with Villain! Best MTB & BMX Accessories & Components for Adventure Riders

☠️ Claim the trails with Villain! Best MTB & BMX Accessories & Components for Adventure Riders

Thrill comes with adventure, speed and style. Villain MTB combines function and design into their MTB accessories for modern riders. Villain’s Mountain Bike Grips are available in a variety of vibrant colors to make you stand out in the crowd. Check out what else Villain has in store for you from mudguards and gloves to components like stem and seatposts.

Villain Vandal - MTB Mudguards

Enjoy the dirt but keep it off your gear with Villain Vandal Mudguards. Vandal tie-on mudguards are so versatile they can be used on both the front fork and rear triangle. They also come with an extender and zip ties to complete the kit. Time to shred hard and stay fresh!

Villain Arrest 1st Offense - Stylish, Colorful MTB grips for enduro or XC

Developed to withstand the year round riding conditions of Florida and endure buckets of sweat and tropical rains, these grips will give you no issues when you're riding like you stole it. Constructed as a one piece rubber with a slightly tapered design for an ergonomic grip, and a single lock ring for a secure hold onto your bars.

Villain Gauntlet Gloves

Villain Gauntlet Gloves are perfect riding gloves for MTB riders, road bikers, XC riders, and Commuters alike! Specially designed for warm weather rides, Gauntlet gloves feature breathable palm and upper hand design to keep your hands cool and dry for safe and slip-free rides. Tough palm design has perforations for extra ventilation and comfort.

Villain Components Hijack Seatpost, Noose Seatpost Collar, Heist Stem

Villain Hijack Seatpost can be used by mtb riders to optimize their saddle height for optimum riding fun. Check the outside diameter of your bike's seat post tube to determine compatibility. Villain Noose seat post collar can be used to properly secure Villain Hijack seat post (sold separately) to your saddle. Villain Heist Stem is a durable, high quality option for MTB riders, who are always riding the most adventurous trails.

As Villain says, “Ride fast, take chances, be a Villain!”


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