TSG - Kneeguard Tahoe A

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TSG - Kneeguard Tahoe A

Full-coverage knee guard in a pre-shaped sleeve with a true anti-slip fit. The removable soft Arti-Lage impact-foam adapts to your body and offers high-performance shock absorption. Covered with a removable, elastic, pierce-proof insert for superior protection. The pro choice for every action-sport athlete.


  • AMPLIFIED SOFTSHELL CONSTRUCTION: Softshell look and feel but Hardshell performance. A thin and flexible pierce-proof insert inside the pad on top of the soft foam secures the foam and your joints from crushed rocks or other sharp objects. Your choice when you you want comfortable soft but reliable protection.
  • ARTI-LAGE FOAM: Arti-lage foam mimics the property of human cartilage with molecular freeflow technology. Soft and flexible at normal use but building a hard protective shell at impact. - High performance shock absorption - great flexibility - extremely comfortable - temperature steady
  • PRE-SHAPED DESIGN: TSG's pre-shaped body protection comes with a pre-bended articulated design for unrestricting wearing comfort and superior fit.
  • HORSESHOE SHAPE: Custom Horseshoe shape that greatly surrounds knees, elbows or shoulders. The compression-moulded foam pad with a raised top part sits perfectly around your protected joints. This shape minimizes shifting and down-sliding to keep your pad in place during action.
  • KEVLAR STRETCH: Kevlar reinforced stretch fabric used at areas with high abrasion resistance. Extremely durable but still light and flexible
  • ANTI-SLIP NBR: A NBR neoprene stripe at the inner top of the pad supports an anti-slip fit, keeping the pad in place during action.
  • LATERAL PADDING: Foam padded side walls offer additional coverage.
  • TOP VELCRO 360-DEGREE STRAP: The strap wraps around the whole leg or arm offering superior fit adjustment, wearing comfort and protection.
  • PULL-OVER DESIGN: Pull up and fix straps for the most secure and shift-free fit and wearing comfort.

Activity: Bicycle