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SKS - Compit Stem Mount + Universal Phone Adapter

SKU: SKSP-11872
$69.99 USD
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All-in-one kit for phone holder while riding. The Compit Stem + Universal Phone Adapter Kit is an all-in-one kit to securely carry and view your phone while riding.

With convenient lock mechanisms. With a simple 1/4 turn, you can lock your phone into either a vertical or horizontal position on your handlebars.

Compit as adjustable holder for several purposes.The Compit features an adjustable bayonet style holder, so you can even adjust the tilt of your phone to find your perfect view.

Attached securely to handlebars. The COMPIT Stem Mount phone holder is mounted below the existing ahead cap on the handlebar stem and holds your smartphone safely and securely, even in rough terrain. The Stem Mount is a part of the COMPIT System. With a twist, you can affix your smartphone to the bayonet. 

Innovative and Space-saving Adapter. The Universal Phone Adapter is a 3M backed attachment piece that simply sticks to the back of your current phone case and allows you to lock your current phone in place to the Compit phone mount.


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