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SIGMA Light - BUSTER 2000

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Sigma BUSTER 2000 is quite a powerful light for all your night adventures. Comes with a convenient remote control and a power bank for easy recharging of Buster 2000 as well as other USB power devices like smartphones or bike computers.

Buster 2000 uses 3 CREE LED lights with a powerful light output of 2000 lumens a long burn time of up to 20 hours. You can choose between seven light modes depending on your riding conditions.

Buster 2000 comes with three mounting options. Screw bracket can be mounted without requiring any tools. The universal helmet bracket fits all standard bike helmets. Also includes an adapter that can be connected to action camera brackets.

Remote control is quite handy especially when the light is used on helmets. Helmet can be conveniently attached to your bike handlebar with the O-ring provided and has glow in the dark button for ease of use in the dark. Buster 2000 comes with a battery pack with a four-stage indicator for battery charging status. The battery pack has enough USB ports for charging other smart devices.


PREMIUM CASING: Buster 2000 is a rugged power light with a scratch resistant, anodized aluminum casing that withstand extreme riding conditions.

LIGHT & COMPACT: Lightweight power light can be comfortably worn on helmet during your night trails. The battery pack conveniently fits into your backpacks.

POWER BANK: Power bank can be conveniently mounted on your bike frame with the silicone bracket included.

POWER MONITOR: Battery pack comes with 4 indicators each showing 25% increments in charging status.

REMOTE CONTROL: With the easy to operate remote control, you can control the lighting options in Buster 2000.



  • Splash resistant in accordance with IP44
  • Switch on protection (double click for ON)
  • Seven light modes: high-power mode (2000 lm), power mode (1300 lm), standard mode (600 lm), eco mode (300 lm), flashing, fast flashing and SOS-flashing mode
  • Maximum light output: 2000 lumens
  • Burn time: 2.5 h (high-power mode), 5 h (power mode), 10 h (standard mode), 20 h (eco mode), 9 h (flashing), 11 h (pulsing), 10 h (SOS-flashing)
  • Weight: 105 g
  • Beam range: 200 m


  • Weight: 344 g
  • Splash resistant in accordance with IP44
  • Power monitor: 4-stage LED capacity display
  • Charge time: 5 h
  • 6400 mAh (Panasonic cells)


  • Weight: 14 g
  • Switch on protection (double click for ON)
  • Splash resistant in accordance with IP44


Buster 2000 comes with Helmet bracket set, Adapter for action camera bracket, BUSTER battery pack, BUSTER 2000 remote, Extension cable, Screw-bracket, and Charger.

Following can be purchased separately: 00467 Helmet Bracket Set, 00461 Adapter for action camera mount, 17004 Buster Battery Pack, 17002 Buster 2000 Remote, 270310 Lithium Battery for Buster 2000 Remote, 00460 Screw Mount, 17005 Charger for battery pack


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