SIGMA Light - BUSTER 100, Power Light w/ optional NUGGET II Flash


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Sigma BUSTER 100 is a powerful, LED front light for lighting up your night trails. Buster 100 has a beam range of up to 35 meters and up to 120 lumens output, and six modes to choose from. Buster 100 is compact and super light to fit perfectly on any bike or helmet. The powerful light works as a flashlight on your outdoor adventures like walking your dog, or hiking.

Integrated Lithium Ion battery can be easily recharged using Micro USB cable in about 2 hours. Battery lasts between 2 and 13 hours depending on the light mode. Two stage battery charge indicator shows the battery capacity and charging status.

Turn on the light by power button twice and turn off by holding down the button, preventing accidental turning on and battery wastage. With its splash resistant design, the light can be used outdoors in wet weather.

With the Buster 100 and Nugget II Flash taillight set, you have an StVZO approved light set to light up your night rides.

NUGGET II Flash: Nugget II is a compact and light, high power LED taillight with visibility range of 400 m. Extended side visibility that goes beyond 220° is a major advantage for road safety. Nugget II offers three lighting modes to choose from.



COMPACT: With just the size of a matchbox, Buster 100 fits into your pant or jersey pocket. Weighing just 62 grams, Buster 100 is one of the most powerful lightweight bike light.

360° Bracket: Horizontally adjustable bracket allows flexible lighting options.

USB CHARGING: Buster 100 has an integrated Lithium Ion battery that can be easily recharged using a micro USB cable from a PC USB port.

BATTERY CHARGE INDICATOR: Comes with battery charge indicators for current charging status and battery capacity.

SWITCH ON PROTECTION: Light can be turned on with a double click and turned off by holding the button down, which prevents accidental turning on and draining of battery. Illuminated button is easy to spot at night and easy to operate even with gloves on.

PROTECTED FOR OUTDOOR USE: IPX4 water resistant light can be used in we conditions outside. The charging port has a silicone protection against dust.


FRESNEL LENS: The advanced Fresnel lens with a ring-shaped structure ensures good light distribution even in the smallest space.

BATTERY CHARGE STATUS: Nugget II comes with two light indicators that show the battery charge status.

USB CHARGING: Nugget II has a convenient USB port in the underside well protected from dust and splashes and can be easily recharged using a micro-USB cable.

ON/OFF CLICK BUTTON: Light can be easily turned on or off with click of a button, easily to operate even with gloves on.

WATER RESISTANT: No worries when riding in rains; Nugget II is watertight with an IPX4 rating.

EASY TO MOUNT: Nugget II can be easily mounted using the O-Rings included.



  • Charge time: 2 h
  • Horizontally adjustable bracket
  • Ideal for helmet attachment
  • Tool-free mounting
  • Switch on protection (double click for ON)
  • Light output 120 lumens
  • Integrated lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Click switch with tactile ON/OFF response
  • Water resistant
  • USB rechargeable LED front light with MICRO-USB charging port
  • Burn time: 2 h (power mode), 4 h (standard mode) 8 h (eco mode), 9 h (flashing mode), 9 h (fast flashing mode), and 10 h (SOS flash mode)
  • 2 stage battery status indicator
  • Weight: 62g

    NUGGET II Flash:

    • 400 m visibility range
    • 3 modes: standard, High power and High power flashing
    • Burn time: 5 h (Standard mode), 2 h (High power mode),and 8 h (Flashing mode)
    • Charge time: 2 h
    • Tool-free mounting with O-ring bracket
    • Integrated micro USB charge function
    • Side visibility
    • Two-stage battery/charge indicator
    • Splash resistant in accordance with IPX4
    • Weight: 24 g


    Buster 100 includes the light, micro-USB cable, adapter for action camera bracket, and a screw bracket. Buster 100 Nugget II Flash set has Buster 100, Nugget II Flash w/ O-Rings, micro-USB cable, adapter for action camera bracket, and a screw bracket.

    Following can be purchased separately: 18551 micro-USB cable for both, 00461 adapter for action camera bracket for Buster 100, 18552 Charger + micro-USB cable for both, 17531 Helmet bracket set for Buster 100, 00460 Screw bracket for Buster 100, and 2050129 USB charger for both, 00468 O-Rings for Nugget II flash.

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