Miles Racing - Disc Pads Sintered - Hayes Stroker Ryde 2009 - MI-SIN-44


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Heavy weight champions and all those who hammer down the hills swear on sintered pads. The overall braking power is a bit less than on our semi metallic pads, but they can handle way more heat (850° - 900°) and offer more stable braking performance, especially during long downhill sections. You can use them in all conditions, no matter if it is wet or dry. Sintered pads are the first choice for downhill and freeride use or for anyone who likes to brake late and hard.

  • Sintered pads are ideal for long, steep downhill sections, and extreme freeride.
  • Fully metallic compound that offers extremely high heat resistance
  • Noiser when compared to semi-metallic pads, sintered pads provide the strongest amount of braking power.
  • Performs in all weather conditions
  • Non abestos


This brake pad is compatible with the systems below. For a complete compatibility chart for all our brake pads, please refer to this page.

Hayes Stroker Ryde 2009


To get the most braking power out of your new sintered pads, it is important to follow these steps to break them in properly.
  • Brake for 5 seconds while riding at a speed of about 7 mph. Repeat this process 3 more times.
  • Brake from about 20 mph with medium power and release before coming to a complete stop. Repeat this process 40 times. You should feel the brake performance increase. Let the pads cool between each stop.
  • Done - Ready for action!

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