Miles Racing - Disc Pads Organic - Hayes Dyno, Radar, MX5, CX, Ryde - MI-ORG-48


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Organic brake pads provide excellent all-round performance at a very good price point. During manufacturing different organic carbons are pressed together with resin. Depending on the desired application specific characteristics can be optimized by the composition of the carbons. In comparison with disc brake pads with higher metal content, organic pads brake on much lower noise and increase the service life of the rotor. In addition, the braking force can be dosed very well. Miles Racing organic disc brake pads work in dry and wet weather conditions and wherever the discs are not getting excessively hot

  • Very good value
  • Low noise
  • Good all-round performance
  • Gentle on the Rotor
  • For all weather conditions


This brake pad is compatible with the systems below. For a complete compatibility chart for all our brake pads, please refer to this page.

Dyno, Radar, MX5, CX, Ryde


To get the most braking power out of your new organic pads, it is important to follow these steps to break them in properly.

  • Smoothen hotspots: Brake for 5 seconds while riding at a speed of about 9-12 mph with minimal pressure on brake lever, letting the brakes slip slightly. Repeat this process 3 more times. Let the pads cool in between.
  • Smoothen the surface: Brake from about 15 mph to 3 mph with medium power and release before coming to a complete stop. Repeat this process 20 times. 
  • Outgas the brake pads: To achieve maximum braking performance, the binding agents in  the covering material has to harden or evaporate, which usually happens at around 390° F. Look for a longer downhill slope and roll downhill with brakes on. Stop when you notice that braking force is decreasing. Bring the bike to standstill and let the pads cool down. Make sure that the pads are not overheated.
  • Done - Ready for action!

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