Miles Racing - Disc Brake Pads - Semi Metallic - SHIMANO XTR - MI-MET-24

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Semi-metallic disc brake pads work in all weather conditions and are designed for any discipline -from a cross country ride to enduro and even cyclocross. The higher content of iron and copper in these disc brake pads increases heat resistance, extends the service life, and provides high braking power in any situation. They'll perform best in the dry and provide great braking feel throughout their life.

  • Semi-metallic pads are perfect for cross country, enduro, and trail riding.
  • Combined organic and metallic compound that is more heat resistant while offering the strong initial bite of an organic pad.
  • Creates less noise compared to sintered pads.
  • Performs in all weather conditions
  • Non abestos
  • Suitable for e-bike use.


Alfine BR-S500
Alfine BR-S501
BR-M545 (MTB)
BR-R505 (Road)
BR-T665 (Trekking)
Deore BR-M535
Deore BR-M595
Deore BR-M596
Hone BR-M601

LX BR-M585
Saint BR-M800
SLX (2009) BR-M665
XT BR-M765
XT BR-M775
XT BR-M776
XTR BR-M965 (until 2010)
XTR BR-M966 (until 2010)
XTR BR-M975 (until 2010)


    To get the most braking power out of your new semi-metallic pads, it is important to follow these steps to break them in properly.
    • Brake for 5 seconds while riding at a speed of about 7 mph. Repeat this process 3 more times.
    • Brake from about 20 mph with medium power and release before coming to a complete stop. Repeat this process 20-30 times. You should feel the brake performance increase. Let the pads cool between each stop.
    • Done - Ready for action!