VDO Bicycle Computer M3.1 (Wireless)


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The VDO M3.1 Wireless Bicycle Computer can be used by road bikers and mountain bikers to track cycling stats. The edgy design supports an optional transmitter kit for cadence tracking.

Riders can scan the data readings on a well-defined layout. The digital menu and 2-button control allow easy operation even when riding. VDO M3.1 uses clip-on wheel sensors and digital wireless transmission for data collection. Other highlights include data storage, second bike tracking, low battery indicators and wheel size configuration.

The M3.1 bike computer sports a sturdy, splash-proof body that will last you longer by staying safe in rains and muddy trails. This bike computer also has an option for language selection from a list.

Package Includes: Cycle Computer, Wireless Handlebar Bracket, 3V Battery, Power Magnet, Cable ties, and a Speed Transmitter w/ battery

Optional, sold separately: Speed Transmitter Kit, Wireless Handlebar Bracket, 3V Battery, Power Magnet, Cadence Transmitter Kit, Ahead-Mount



VDO M3.1 sports a modular design, with an easy to add on cadence transmitter kit, sold separately. This bike computer covers speed, trip distance, ride time, time, total ride time, total distance, average speed, max speed, speed comparison, trip section-time, a second distance, and temperature. The M3.1 has a trip section counter to block out certain parts of the ride from stats and an independent trip distance counter to start counting from a preset value.


The well laid out, intuitive menu, is easy for bikers to use even while cycling. Easily control all the features with just two buttons. Urban city riders and mountain bikers will equally appreciate the splash-proof body that is protected from drizzles and splashes from rain or wet, muddy trails. VDO M3.1 uses digital wireless transmission for accurate speed tracking and optional cadence tracking, saving you the hassle of running extensive wiring around your bike.


VDO M3.1’s smart digital screen has a clear display structure that will show two data readings. The convenient backlight will come in handy during night rides or early morning rides. Large letter size allows easy scanning by bikers even when they are riding, without losing focus on the track. The default factory setting has English as the language. Users can easily select from available language choices.


The compact, low-profile computer can be easily mounted on the bicycle stem or handlebar using a mounting bracket and cable ties. Power magnet for speed monitoring can be easily clipped on to the spoke. Mount the transmitter using the rubber pad and cable ties. Twist the transmitter towards the power magnet for the best proximity.


The auto-stop feature turns off tracking when you stop riding, such as at a signal or rest stop. Auto-start feature senses simple motions like handlebar movement to get up from sleep mode and start working once you restart riding. This auto start-stop feature helps with prolonging the battery life. M3.1 is packed with features such as a low battery indicator, data storage capability, tracking facility for a second bike, and a wheel size configuration from a custom tire list.


Automatic start/stop
Computer low battery warning
Transmitter low battery warning WL
Data storage during battery change (data + settings)
Full text display
Suitable for two bikes (two configurable bike sizes)
Wheel size configuration via tire list
Display backlight

Bike functions:
Speed 199 kmh/124 mph
Trip distance to 9.999,99 KM/M
Ride time 99:59:59 HH:MM:SS
Time 12H-AM/PM-24H
Total distance 199.999 KM/M
Average (decimals) 2
Max. speed (decimals) 2
Clock (Bike 1/Bike 2) 9.999:59 HHHH:MM
Speed comparison
Trip section time/trip section distance
Second distance counter, programmable




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