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💪 Top Tools to Get Pumped and Ready to Roll

💪 Top Tools to Get Pumped and Ready to Roll

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🚀 Quickest & Smartest Tire Inflation Solutions For MTB Riders & Racers

It’s not very pleasant to be stuck with a flat tire in the middle of your ride without a solution in sight! Here are some easy and simple tools to save you from tire pressure problems.

Keep a close watch with Air Pressure Monitors
Airchecker is your choice for a compact and handy digital pressure meter for precise measurement of tire pressure. Handy quick release valves can be used for bleeding off excess air.

Airspy goes a step beyond and offers real time air pressure monitoring. Airspy is a very compact and light weight tire pressure sensor compatible with all tires, mountain or road. Real time pressure is sent to your smartphone so you can monitor while riding. If you see any pressure drop, you can simply stop and pump up with a mini pump and keep going! Available for presta valve or schrader valve.

Maintain the right pressure with Air Pumps
Keeping a mini pump handy is very important for serious riders. Mini pumps are easy to pump using hand pressure. Airboy is a small and portable mini pump, that you can easily fit into your jersey pocket as you head out. Don’t forget to pack a Suspension pump for your mountain bike shocks.


Foot pumps are quite handy to fill up low pressure mountain bike tires. Airstep is a state of the art foot pump, ergonomically designed for comfortable use.

Airkompressor 12.0 floor pump is a quick and efficient pump with an easy to read manometer to help with filling up your tire to the desired pressure.

On the go Inflation - Quick and Easy Inflators
Need quick tire refills on the road or trail? CO2 cartridges are lighter and more compact than mini pumps to take along during rides. These are compatible with presta or schrader valves. 

Refillable and portable air canisters are a value solution to fill up your tire in seconds. Refill them at home and take along during your rides conveniently in bottle cages.


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