🤙 Seal it in style - On the road, trails & outdoors

🤙 Seal it in style - On the road, trails & outdoors

✔️ Convenient & Handy Bike Locks for your next lunch uptown!


Quick & Trendy for Urban rides
Aesthetic design keeps heads turning in case of any Knog product! And keeps even the mundane topic of bike protection engaging and interesting! Knog bike locks come in a range of bright and vivid colors to impress the world. Save your bike frame from inadvertent scratches with UV rated silicone coating.

Cable Locks - Party Frank, Kabana, Kransky, Frankie
No more fiddling around bulky locks that weigh several pounds! Lightweight design tops the convenience rating compared to some of the bulkiest locks that are cumbersome to operate. Once you are at your destination you can quickly put the lock around your bike and post, lock and move on without much hassle.

Combination Locks - Party Combo, Twisted Combo, Milkman Combo
Say bye to keys! Ride with less luggage!

Bouncer U-Lock
Light and stiff design for easy portability and quick fastening! 

Chain Locks - Straight Jacket Skinny or Fatty
Great on ground anchors. Robust nylon cover protects the bike body from scratches.

Small, light, cool - carry them easily in your bag or pocket. Great for quick stops.

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