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🚨 Ride with Cliq - Intelligent Bike Light For Modern Cyclists

🚨 Ride with Cliq - Intelligent Bike Light For Modern Cyclists

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We are excited to announce that Cliq is back in stock at Action Emporium. Now you have a bike light that does a lot more than a light in terms of safety, control, comfort, and optimization. See all the features to decide yourself.

CLIQ - Smartest & Brightest Tail Light

  • Engineered optics: Best protection from advanced Total Internal Reflection lenses and OSRAM LEDs commonly used in automobiles and planes
  • Optimized Visibility offers protection from rear and sides
  • Smart brake watches over you by triggering your brake light as you brake
  • Theft alert for ultimate safe rides
  • Customized Blinking pattern makes you stand out
  • Group sync lets you synchronize with nearby cliqs during group rides
  • Daylight visibility: Completely has you covered day and night, no matter if it is rain or fog.
  • Bluetooth accessibility allows ease of control
  • Easy configuration allows control to decide when LED glows, flashing patterns etc.

  • Universal Mounting allows you to mount your cliq on your seat post, bag, or belt



Also check out Sigma lights for your bike rides and outdoor adventures. The German brand is known for quality, function and design features that have you covered for all your rides whether it is your early morning leisure ride or late night commute.



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