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😉 Stay Safe, Keep Your Bike In Good Shape - A Little Lube & Lot of TLC Goes A Long Way

😉 Stay Safe, Keep Your Bike In Good Shape - A Little Lube & Lot of TLC Goes A Long Way

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Keeping your bike in top shape is important for you to stay safe during your rides. Here are some quick and easy steps to help you keep your bike in shape so you can keep riding it for a long time.


Clean your bike regularly and thoroughly

Regularly wash off grime and dirt to prevent accumulation that can lead to rusting. All you need is a good bike cleaner along with a sponge or a brush.


Use a Mudguard for protection from dirt and water

Mudguards help keep water and grime away from your bike’s drivetrain and brakes, thereby reducing maintenance needs.


Protect your frame

Simple steps such as a bike protection spray can save your bike frame from dirt and water.


Keep it well lubricated

Liberally lubricating the moving parts will make sure that they have a long life. High performance bike lubes are now also available with environment friendly, biodegradable formula. SKS offers lubrication in easy to use spray form.


Ensure proper tire pressure

Under inflated or over inflated tires can lead to punctures or tire bursts. Keep a tire gauge handy to check tire pressure regularly and use a pump to keep it filled to the right level.

Take care of flat tires

Be smart and use a puncture sealant that will act on its own when there is a puncture, so you do not have to deal with extra steps such as removing the wheel and fixing the puncture. 


Make sure your brakes are in proper condition

Periodically check to make sure that your brakes are not worn out. Watch for those scraping sounds or differences in braking to replace them properly to ensure safe rides.

Maintain your drivetrain

Use a good degreaser to get dirt off the chain, sprocket, and chainwheel. Make sure the chain is well lubricated and is at the right tension. Also make sure that the sprocket teeth are in proper shape to prevent chain slips.

Check Wheel Alignment

Regularly check the wheels for alignment and take corrective action if needed.


Ensure Proper Saddle Placement

Make sure that the seat is properly placed to avoid discomfort and fatigue from riding.

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