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✌️ Here's How To Choose The Right Tire For You!

✌️ Here's How To Choose The Right Tire For  You!

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🚲 Reliable, Durable, and Affordable Tires for MTB, Road, Gravel, or Off Road adventures.

Panaracer is a leading Japanese brand with more than 40 years of experience in the bicycle tire industry. They are the pioneers in the industry with advanced technological inventions for optimal tire design. Here is a summary of their lineup for different riding styles.

Let's get started choosing the correct tire for  you!


Gravel Tires

Gravelking, SS+, SK: Gravelking has been the go to tire for gravel riders, offering the grippy, patented rubber compound construction, deep treads and wide side lugs for puncture resistance. Gravel King SK has aggressive tread design and wider casing for extreme gravel adventures. The Gravel King EXT + tire features a new tread pattern designed for the most extreme conditions. 


Comet: Designed for speed, this tire has a rounded profile for optimum side to side control at high speeds. Ideal for XC and hardpack.


CycloCross and Touring

Pasela ProTite: Features advanced puncture resistant technology - ProTite, which is significantly stronger than regular puncture material with the advanced technology used. Perfect for avid touring cyclists and long haul experts.


RiBMo ProTite Mile Cruncher: In addition to the ProTite puncture resistance, RiBMo uses mile cruncher - a long wearing compound in its outer layer for more durability during harsh rides. 800D polyamide cord improves rigidity, and protection from pinches, flats, and side cuts.


RegaCross: Panaracer’s unique outer seal tubeless structure reduces the chance of punctures even at low pressures. AX technology uses extremely narrow cord which is weaved at a super high density into the casing for lightness and flexibility. This increased density improves resistance to cuts and abrasions. Prefect for cyclocross.


T-Serv ProTite: T-Serv ProTite is a great performance tire for urban city use, incorporating ZSG compound, 400D Lite Extra Cord, and ProTite puncture resistant technologies. Hands down, T-Serv is the best urban strength to weight ratio tire on the market today. 


Road, XC and Marathon

Race A Evo 3 & Evo 4: Here is an all-rounder that offers traction, puncture resistance, and low weight advantage at a reasonable price point. Offers superior grip at low rolling resistance. Features advanced Alpha Cord at super high density for lightness and flexibility.


Soar All Condition: Soar is a great combination of a fast rolling, race oriented tire that performs equally well in XC and marathon riding in both loose and hardpack conditions. 

MTB Tires

PanDura: This triple-compound, all mountain tire comes with 2-ply DH casing with nylon taffeta sidewall reinforcement. Great value tire with durability, reliability, and speed.


Driver Pro: One of the lightest, fastest, multi-condition MTB tires in the market, this round profile tire has specially placed multi height knobs and treads for super speed on smooth, straight trails.


Romero: This 60 TPI DH/Enduro tire utilizes a triple compound and special Anti-Flat Plus technology that combines bead-to-bead protection with a rubber Bead Armor for added protection at low pressure.


Aliso: Slightly less aggressive than the ROMERO, ALISO excels in most conditions with an eye towards softer, looser trails. Aliso is a great match with Romero or on its own and is offered as Romero is in an DH/Enduro triple compound with bead-to-bead puncture resistance and our rubber Bead Armor for excellent protection at really low pressures.


FirePro: This MTB tire is designed for rigors of all mountain riding featuring time-tested tread design with added Dual Compound to the knobs that help the tire dig in and grip even better than before while improving durability. 

Swoop All Trail: Swoop is an aggressive, all round performance tire that is equally adept at getting you up the mountain as it is getting you down. Specially designed knobs dig in where you need them and inspire confidence in the corners. A great all day, all mountain choice.



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