🦾 Gravel Adventures at Half the weight, Twice the power

🦾 Gravel Adventures at Half the weight, Twice the power

🚲 High performance bike wheels with low weight, maximum strength, rider comfort, and control

Spinergy has an excellent lineup of wheels for gravel riders. Spinergy GX series has a range of wheels specifically built for gravel, and non technical terrains.

New GX Max 2021

Latest in the GX series is GX Max, available in 650b and 700c sizes. GX Max combines the light weight and vibration dampening benefits of Spinergy’s patented PBO spokes with performance benefits of their improved “Spinergy 44” hub.

Customization options

Wheels can be purchased as front wheel, rear wheel, or complete wheel set. GX Max Front Wheel is available with 12MM, 15MM or Quick Release hub options with centerlock brake. Rear Wheel has a Centerlock 12MM or Quick Release option. Spoke color can be customized from choice of Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Spinergy Edition, White, or Yellow.

Spinergy “44” Hub

Spinergy GX Max 2021 model comes with an improved hub design, featuring a beefier "44" hub with bigger internals, featuring 108 points of engagement. The improved design enables you to generate more torque and power transfer for your performance. 

Wheels have been upgraded to 44mm ratchet rings offering compatibility with Shimano Micro Spline 12-speed and Campagnolo Ekar 13-speed groupset. The all new "44" hub has a slip-fit system so you can easily swap out end caps to accommodate 15mm, 12mm or QR axles.

Other Spinergy GX Wheels

Spinergy has GXX Carbon for off-road racing, extreme off-road adventures, gravel, or cyclocross. GX32 is built for mixed surface, all terrain riding. Spinergy GX Alloy is designed for extreme gravel adventures.

Wheels for MTB and Road

There is a wheel for everyone. LX 29 and LX 650B are for mountain bikers. Road bikers have options of Z Lite, Z32, FCC 32, or FCC 47.

About Spinergy

With a legacy of more than 30 years, Spinergy keeps reinventing bicycle wheels for mountain bikers, gravel cyclists and roadies. Not to let down their popularity from the classic retired Rev X, all their lines boast trademarked PBO spokes with half the weight and 3x the strength of traditional stainless steel spokes. Check out their wheels by activity to get the right style for you!


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