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✨ Weekly Spotlight - Knog Bicycle Locks - Modern Designs - Flashy Colors. Chain locks, Cable locks & Combination locks!

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✅ Design Oriented, Vibrant & Affordable Bike Locks for Urban, City Dwellers. Renowned Australian Brand!


Knog Bicycle Locks - Affordable, Colorful, & Sturdy!
Coming from Australian brand famous for bike lights, Knog locks offer similar quality, variety, affordability, and choices when it comes to bike locks.

Power Locks - Straight Jacket Skinny & Straight Jacket Fatty Chain Locks
Do not let the looks deceive you! The outside may be colorful and soft, but the interior is quite hunky with 800 mm long hardened steel that is tough to break through! Skinny model has a 6.3 mm stainless steel shackle padlock, whereas the Fatty style has 8 mm stainless steel shackle padlock. Available with over 1000 unique combinations, making lock picking not an easy task. Skinny comes with a medium to high security rating of 60/100, and fatty with a high security rating of 70/100. Heavy duty nylon sleeve stands up to wear and tear and is gentle on your bikes.

Sausage Locks
These locks feature colorful silicon overmoulded exterior over braided steel cable reinforced with fiber core for added security.  Soft skin exterior is gentle on bikes whereas the fibrous core keeps your bike safe. Available in different security ratings and styles - Frankie, Kabana, Kransky, and Party Coil to suit your exact requirements and budget.

Combo Locks
Combination locks offer easier keyless operation and 10,000 customizable combinations. Party Combo Cable lock has the safety and useability features of nylon exterior and fibrous core interior combined with keyless combo lock feature. Milkman Combo lock is an extremely lightweight, combination lock that can be easily carried and used during shortstops during your rides.



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