Villain - Best Mountain Bike Accessories On Earth 🌎

There’s always a fine balance between action and safety gear! Though many mountain bike riders prefer to keep their bikes and gear lean and mean, they agree that best-designed MTB accessories improve performance and safety. Villain has the sturdiest mtb accessories on earth!

Arrest 1st Offense - MTB Grips

  •     Bright flashy color choices
  •     Sturdy grip for aggressive riders
  •     Perforated palm contact points for wearing comfort
  •     Textured moisture and sweat channels
  •     Step up contouring for wrist correction
  •     Comfortable for long rides
  •     Slip-resistant, secure installation
  •     Enhanced traction and shock absorption
  •     Easy cleaning and maintenance
  •     A perfect blend of ergonomics, style, and functionality

Vanish - MTB Composite Pedals

  •     Adjustable grip
  •     Superlight Chromoly spindles
  •     High performance
  •     Sealed bearings
  •     Enhanced efficiency
  •     Reduced overspin
  •     Shock and noise absorption
  •     Optimum platform size
  •     Open design for clearing dirt
  •     Easy maintenance & durability

Vandal - Mudguard

  •     Stay dry and ride more
  •     Flexible for front or rear use
  •     Lightweight with minimum drag
  •     Tie on and secure as needed
  •     Build to withstand rigors of MTB
  •     Reduces bike maintenance
  •     Stands up to weather elements
  •     Doesn’t matter if its Summer or Winter
  •     Be nice to co-riders in group rides
  •     Do not drench walkers during trafficky city rides


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