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🦾 Reasons you should invest in a bicycle computer today!

🦾 Reasons you should invest in a bicycle computer today!

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📝 Improve your speed and performance. Stay on track with your fitness goal.

Reasons you should invest in a bicycle computer today

Everyone needs a little bit of push and motivation on some days. And once you have a goal in mind, it is much easier! Here are the benefits of owning a bicycle computer:

Track your riding functions

All bicycle computers come with essential riding functions such as tracking your speed and distance. The basic essential models usually top the choice for those who prefer ease of operation to complex functionality. Sigma Sports has BC 5.16 wired, BC 7.16 (wired or wireless) as well as Pure 1 for the minimalists who are looking for a budget friendly, yet functional bike computer.

Stay focused on your fitness or weight loss goal

Intermediate level bike computers offer calorie tracking, very important for those who are focused on losing weight and staying fit. Sigma BC 9.16 (wired or wireless) has calorie functions in addition to essential riding functions.

Altitude tracking for hill climbers

For those who are focused on improving heart functionality and muscle strength, Sigma BC 14.16 (wired or wireless) offers altitude tracking functionality. Sigma BC 14.16 is perfect for cyclists who are conquering the hills.

Advanced Riding Functions

Sigma BC 16.16 (wired or wireless) goes beyond essential riding parameters and comes with an ETA (estimated time of arrival) function that shows time and distance left till your destination. BC 16.16 model also shows effective fuel savings, for extra motivation. Wireless model comes with optional cadence tracking.

Better than smartphone

  • A bicycle computer is more focused towards tracking rider performance and hence is more accurate compared to using a smartphone.
  • Sigma bicycle computers come with easy to install mounts and are safer to use on bumpy trails than smartphones.
  • Another major benefit is battery savings, whereas you run the risk of running down your phone battery if used for ride tracking on long rides.
  • Another major advantage is price point. Bicycle computers are available at much lower prices than smartphones.

Sigma Brand Equity

Sigma Sport is a German company focusing on top class quality and functional design, who has been a pioneer in bike computers from 1982 onwards. The company invests in top notch technology to remain a leader in sports and technology.

More from Sigma - Sports Watches and bicycle lights

Sigma offers more than just bicycle computers to fitness enthusiasts. Check out their sports watches to stay on top of your fitness regime.

Sigma offers smart lighting solutions for nighttime riders, both road bikers as well as off road adventurers.


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