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💥 Miles Racing Mountain Bike Brake Pads - Flexible, Affordable & Unstoppable Braking Power

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💪 Ride Safe with Miles Racing - Reliable Bicycle Brake Pads To Slow Down your journey!


It’s often hard to choose from the myriads of brake pad options for mountain bikes. Miles Racing offers a variety of aftermarket brake pads for different riding conditions and disc brake models, so you can optimize with the right brake pad for maximum benefit.

Why Miles Racing?

  • Top End German Brand backed by a passionate team crazy about biking
  • Long-standing history going back to the late 70s and the early 80s
  • Special hard compounds with high percentage of metal for long-lasting braking power
  • Ultimate predictability and reliability, for adventurous mountain bikers
  • Available in a variety of models, compatible with common disc brake pads in the market
  • Tested & certified by independent testing agencies
  • Non-asbestos construction ensures further safety


Semi-metallic Brake Pads

  • Ideal for medium hills, amateur riders, fast rides, shorter downhill segments, and hard brakes that require high braking power without getting too heated up
  • Made using both organic and metallic compounds
  • Higher braking performance than sintered pads
  • Better high-temperature resistance than organic pads
  • Quieter rides and less rotor wear compared to sintered counterparts
  • Better bite in cold weather compared to sintered pads
  • Durable Kevlar construction with iron and copper


Sintered Brake Pads

  • Safest brake pads for aggressive mountain bikers, especially on freerides and downhill
  • Great choice in racing tracks where bikers are continuously pumping their brakes
  • Made with metallic compounds with a very high percentage of iron and copper
  • Temperature endurance up to 850° - 900°, balancing heat buildup from rigorous braking
  • Hard compound construction ensures long life in the most testing riding conditions
  • Consistent all-weather performance on wet, muddy trails and dry, desert sands
  • Squeakier than sintered and organic pads till pads are really hot


Available for all popular brake models
You can find Semi-metallic and Sintered pads for all popular brake models at Action Emporium. We’ll soon be offering organic pads and will update you whenever we have them in stock!

  • Shimano
  • SRAM
  • AVID
  • Tektro
  • Magrua
  • Hayes
  • Hope
  • Bengal
  • Giant
  • FSA
  • Gusset
  • Promax
  • Rever
  • Quad
  • Trickstuff
  •  Clarks
  • Grimeca
  • Suntour
  • TRP
  • Alhonga


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