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Kids Helmets - Safe & Comfortable Riding

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When it comes to bike or skateboard safety, there is no room for compromise! We offer the best in terms of safety and functionality. 👍

Check out awesome helmets and protective pads for biking and/or skateboarding from TSG!

TSG Helmets for Children & Youth

TSG offers a lot of variety in terms of construction and features. There is a variety to choose from based on the specific activity - whether it is casual urban riding, rigorous mtb, roller derby, or skateboarding! TSG offers a variety in construction techniques like in-mold, hardshell, or softshell, combined with padding using ACF or EPS foam. With high impact resistance and shock absorption features, parents can have the ultimate peace of mind letting their children go about their favorite sports activities! TSG helmets feature comfort features like ventilation and adjustable paddings for a secure and safe fit.

TSG Protective Pads for Children & Youth

TSG's protective pads features Pure Softshell Construction that offers the softest and most flexible perfomance while still providing a reliable support and Hardshell Construction that provides maximum protection from impacts, falls on concrete or ramps.

Let the kids ride with confidence. Ride TSG!

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