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💪 Feel the Grip & Comfort w/ Hirzl Cycling & Golf Gloves

💪 Feel the Grip & Comfort w/ Hirzl Cycling & Golf Gloves

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🔝 Featuring the State of the art Grippp Technology, from Hirzl, the leading Swiss Brand

Hirzl offers advanced performance and durability benefits with its cycling gloves and golf gloves.

What’s special in Grippp Technology?

  • Ultimate grip - 3x in dry weather and 5x in wet conditions compared to other brands
  • Innovative tanning technology on kangaroo leather
  • Durable & Comfortable for professional use
  • Tear Strength & Abrasion Resistance for long term use
  • Sweat free palm design & water repellent design for all weather performance
  • Breathability for comfortable outdoor wear

Grippp Technology For Bikers

Hirzl Grippp Light SF & FF Gloves: 

  • Simple and minimal design - Ultimate grip with comfortable gloveless feel
  • All weather performance - no matter dry, wet or humid
  • Sweat free kangaroo leather palms
  • Extra light and breathable design

Grippp Technology For Professional Golfers

Hirzl Grippp Fit Golf Gloves

  • Ultimate grip & Fit
  • Thin, Smooth & Sweat-Free kangaroo leather palms for a gloveless feel
  • Stretch-Fit Thumb construction
  • Microfleece thumb wipe for ball or glass cleaning
  • 360° Move Wrist Construction
  • Breathable Lycra
  • Rounded, stretchable lycra finger tips

Hirzl Trust Control 2.0 Golf Gloves

  • Grip like a pro - all weather grip
  • Sweat-free, water absorbing kangaroo leather palm
  • Premium cabretta leather backhand
  • User friendly index finger
  • Breathable airtech mesh insert
  • Performance fit construction
  • Integrated sweatband
  • Stretch-fit thumb

Hirzl Trust Hybrid Golf Gloves

  • Combination of kangaroo & synthetic leather
  • Grip in all weather conditions
  • Sweat-free kangaroo leather palms
  • Ergonomic fit
  • Integrated sweat band
  • Performance fit construction
  • Breathable airtech mesh insert
  • User-friendly index finger design
  • Stretch-fit thumb

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