✅ Don’t Miss These Tips For Safe & Fun Winter Riding

✅ Don’t Miss These Tips For Safe & Fun Winter Riding

Enthusiastic riders always hit the road - does not matter if it is raining or snowing. Winter riding has its own thrills, extra calorie benefits, and will really perk up the chilly days.

Here are some top tips for the riders heading out for those rides.


Protect your hand and fingers: Keep yourself warm with these cozy, durable, and comfortable bike gloves from Hirzl, available in Short Finger, or Full Finger design. Take a look at Grippp Thermo 2.0 gloves for superior protection.


Ensure good visibility with good bike lights: We have got the Intelligent tail light from Australia - Cliq as well as top lights from Sigma Sport.


Proper bike cleaning and maintenance: Go extra gungho on making sure that the bike is clean and lubricated. Green oil lubes and cleaners are high performing, biodegradable choice for modern bikers. We also have top Spanish brand - Zero Dust chain lubes.


Ward off those punctures: Get the high quality Zero Flat puncture sealants which you can fill up in your tires so that they instantaneously seal if a puncture happens. You don't have to deal with a puncture yourself!


Make sure you have solid brake pads: Check out the top German brand - Miles Racing - available in Sintered, Semi-metallic, and Organic options for all popular brake types like Shimano, SRAM, AVID, Tektro, Hope, Hayes, and more! Sintered pads offer the best braking power for toughest riding conditions.


Stay hydrated: SKS offers bike bottles and cages, to make sure you stay hydrated. 


Don’t forget your helmet: We have got the top quality, safest TSG helmets, designed in Switzerland.  We also have Freetown helmets which are CPSC certified, value helmets for bikers.


Stay dry with Ass Savers: Last but most important, keep yourself dry from splashes and snow slushies, with cool Ass Saver mudguards.

Wish you safe and fun riding!




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