Cliq Tail Light - Stay Visible, Safe & Smart 💡

CLIQ's smart AI automatically knows when you brake, and then triggers abrake light to protect you from vehicles behind you. No matter the weather, speed, or if you're going uphill or downhill, CLIQ watches your back.

It’s now quite easy to stay safe and smart while riding your bike! Just add a CLIQ taillight and enjoy the peace of mind!

CLIQ is the brightest bicycle tail light that uses AI for safety, brightness, and control!

Doesn’t matter if you are a commuter or an avid mountain biker, CLIQ has you covered all day and night! Stay visible and safe on the road with daytime running lights. Optimum design of LED lights has you visible from rear and sides. Group riders can sync their blinking pattern. Smart drone-powered brakes turn on the light as you are about to brake!

Managing your taillight is quite easy from the Rayo Smartphone app compatible with both Android and iPhone. Get an alarm on your phone if your parked bike experiences unusual movements like a theft attempt!

Don’t assume that CLIQ is just for bikers! If you are a skateboarder or any other athlete, you will appreciate CLIQ’s gear mounting accessories for a lighting solution you can carry around on your backpack or belt.

A reliable taillight is something that a serious biker has to invest in! So why keep waiting. Visit us and get yours today!

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