ASS SAVERS - Saving Soggy Butts Worldwide 🍑

  • No more getting drenched
  • Designed for thrill seekers, rainy day rides & Gravel rides
  • Stay away from permanent fenders; easy installation as needed
  • Foldable design, for easy storage in bag or jersey pocket
  • FLIP-TIP™ lock mechanism ensures that the fender stays in place
  • Works for almost all tire sizes

Ass Saver Choices

  • Fendor Bendors -  Available in Regular size or Big size for 30-50 mm wide tires, Reflective Fendor Bendor for further protection

  • Mudder Mini Front fenders

  • Generation 4 - Regular for 23-35mm wide tires, Big for 30-55 mm wide tires

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