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TSG - Meta Helmet (Kids & Youth)

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Color: Satin Black
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Kids can now engage in active sports and casual urban rides without the hassle of bulky helmets. At the same time, parents can be at peace ensuring their head safety. TSG Meta uses in-mold construction that combines the protection of sturdy polycarbonate shells and shock-absorbing EPS liners to ensure maximum protection at the lowest weight. In-mold construction lends a more durable, comfortable helmet that reliably shields children's heads from impact forces.


TSG's Meta helmet comes with an adjustment wheel on the back for a custom fit. Junior bikers can easily dial in their fit within seconds. It is important that bikers use this adjustment to ensure that the helmet will not come off easily from the head, guaranteeing the ultimate head protection during those bumps, falls, and accidents. TSG’s rounded curvature also makes it more visually appealing than standard helmet designs.


TSG’s low fit design ensures that the helmet sits low on the child’s forehead, without impacting visibility or movement. TSG Kids' bike helmet offers complete protection by covering the entire head and the sides. Meta comes with two adjustable pads for adjusting the fit to make sure that the helmet does not move around the head. These adjustable pads can be hand washed and reused and help with adjusting the fit as children grow.


Kids often get too sweaty outdoors especially during biking or doing sports. Meta helmets have eleven air vents to ensure proper circulation of fresh air to keep heads cooler. This prevents overheating and discomfort to kids, especially on warmer days. The use of vents also helps with keeping the helmet weight down for more pleasurable bike rides. Kids' sizes JXXS/JXS and XXS/XS are designed for 4-12-year-olds to cover head circumferences 48-51 cm & 52-54 cm respectively.


TSG gets it that bikers, athletes, or parents do not want any compromise when it comes to bike safety. Meta helmets have reflective straps for additional visibility and safety during early morning or night rides. TSG helmets are made with the utmost quality to meet the European Bike and Skateboard helmet standard and US-American bike helmet standard. Designed in Switzerland, TSG helmets are tested by an internal team of riders and certified by independent lab testing.


Now parents and teachers can be at peace as children are out there biking, skateboarding, or scootering, with reliable full head protection by TSG Meta helmets. Meta is a cool urban helmet with reflective straps for extra visibility and safety when riding in low light, especially nights, or dawn.

TSG’s in-mold construction uses polycarbonate shells for reliable protection from crashes and falls. Cushiony protection from EPS liner helps dissipate impact forces before reaching the head. TSG Meta is well-ventilated for fresh airflow around the head for cooling effect. The in-mold construction with air vents, keep the helmet light for riding comfort.

TSG's smart design caters to different head shapes and sizes. The exterior profile is subtle and follows a natural round shape around the sides and back, making TSG Meta great for those who care about looks! The curved design offers a contact ring with the head, that enables a snug fit to resist slipping and accidental fall offs.

Durable TSG Meta is a good investment for a long time. It’s easy to adjust the fit for your child’s head, using the two adjustable pads. The pads can be hand washed and reused, extremely important as bike rides get quite sweaty! Children can keep using the same helmet by switching out the pads as they grow.

TSG helmets offer incredible quality surpassing international standards such as CE EN 1078 (European standard for bike and skateboarding helmets) and CPSC (US-American standard for bike helmets). Designed in Switzerland, TSG products are tested by a passionate internal team of riders.

Comes in kid sizes JXXS/JXS and XXS/XS, for kids 4-12+ years of age, with a head circumference 48-51 cm or 52-54 cm respectively. Please measure the head circumference before buying.

Uses: Dirt/Park, Vert/Park, Beginner, Urban
Certifications: NF EN 1078+A1:02 2013, CPSC
Weight: 340 gm
Material: Polycarbonate, EPS, Polyester, Nylon



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