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(BLOWOUT SALE!) SIGMA Bicycle Computer - BC 16.16 STS, Wireless w/ Optional Cadence | 13 functions

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Sigma BC 16.16 STS Wireless Bicycle Computer has an ETA indicator that shows the time/distance left till destination as well as fuel savings equivalent for distance covered in addition to all basic cycling functions. The computer can communicate with Android smartphones for programming and downloading of data with NFC technology and free SIGMA LINK app.

BC 16.16 STS includes the following:
Bike computer (incl. battery), bracket for wireless models, STS speed transmitter (incl. battery), magnet, mounting material, operating instructions. STS is compatible with cadence tracker, which can be purchased separately.

BC 16.16 STS CAD model has all features of STS model plus cadence tracker and cadence magnet included.


CRUCIAL PARAMETERS: Sigma BC 16.16 has a feature to track ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), which shows the time and distance left till you reach destination. This accurate tracking keeps cyclists motivated to keep going with end in sight. The computer also shows fuels savings equivalent for distance covered - as daily fuel savings and total fuel savings. 16.16 STS is compatible with optional cadence tracker (sold separately) to track current cadence and average cadence.

TRACKING FEATURES: Bikers can quickly scan through the display for the following data: Current speed, Average speed, Comparison of cur./avg. speed, Maximum speed, Distance, Total distance (Bike 1/Bike 2), Ride time, Total trip time (Bike 1/Bike 2), Clock (12/24h), and Current temperature. Display is available in choice of seven languages. Comes with a convenient backlight display for night time visibility.

COMPATIBLE WITH ANDROID PHONES: NFC communication and SIGMA Link app help with transmitting data to Android smart phones for easy programming and data downloads. Computer has a backup function with a memory chip. 14.16 is also USFB compatible, with service intervals easily adjustable via UFSB.

USER FRIENDLY FEATURES: 16.16 STS computer has a motion sensor for automatic start/stop feature. Other features include automatic bike recognition and pairing. Computer can be programmed for predefined tire sizes. Battery status indicator is quite handy to let you know when the device needs charging. The computer can be easily mounted, with no tools required. Workout statistics for up to 12 months can be tracked. The computer is sturdy with an IPX8 Water Resistance rating.

SPEED COMPARISON: The computer continuously compares current speed with average speed and shows an arrow to indicate the result.

ADJUSTABLE WHEEL SIZES: Separate wheel data can be programmed and tracked separately.

POWER SAVE: Computer goes to sleep mode after five minutes of inactivity, reducing power consumption and extending battery life. The computer wakes up again when an integrated accelerometer detects movement and starts ready for use.

INTEGRATED STORAGE CHIP: Total values and computer settings are stored in an integrated storage chip, so after a battery change only time needs to be reset.

COMPUTER TRANSMITTER / BATTERY WARNING: Power status of computer and transmitter is intermittently checked and a warning is displayed in case of low battery status.

BIKE SERVICE REMINDER: A service reminder can be set based on kilometers completed, making sure that your bike also stays fit as much as you.



Current speed
Average speed
Comparison of cur./avg. speed
Maximum speed
Total distance (Bike 1/Bike 2)
Ride time
Total trip time (Bike 1/Bike 2)
Clock (12/24h)
ETA display (time / timer / distance)
Current temperature
Daily fuel savings
Total fuel savings

CADENCE - Optional with Cadence Tracker sold separately in STS; included in STS CAD
Current Cadence
Average Cadence

NFC communication with Android smartphone via SIGMA LINK app
Full text display with seven available languages
Predefined tire sizes
2 programmable wheel sizes
Automatic start/stop with motion sensor
Back-up function via memory chip
Battery status indicator (computer head + transmitter)
2 starting altitudes
Workout statistics for 12 months
Automatic bike recognition
Automatic pairing
Watertight in accordance with IPX8
Tool-free mounting
Service interval adjustable via UFSB


Accessories are available for purchase separately

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