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ScootFruit - Scooter Lubricant

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MOISTURE & RUST PROTECTION: Scootfruit is designed to reduce friction and protect your scooter and cycle bearings for a long time. Scootfruit lubricant protects moving mechanical parts against corrosion in wet conditions. The bottle comes with an easy dispensing mechanism for effective penetration and protection.

IMPROVED RIDING EFFICIENCY: Scootfruit lubricant reduces friction and thereby minimizes wearing of moving parts. Avid riders will love the smoother and faster transitions as well as fewer part replacements. The lubricant significantly reduces squeaks so you can enjoy quieter rides.

NATURAL FORMULA: The lubricant uses all-natural formula free of harmful chemicals. The lubricant is skin safe with a pleasant smell.

EASY APPLICATION: A couple of drops of Scootfruit on either side of wheel bearings will make it squeak-free and faster. Apply the lube to make headset barriers less stiff and free. The lubricant can be used on folding scooters as well. Packaged in 30 ml, pocket-sized bottle, they are easy to carry around.

ECO FRIENDLY & SKIN SAFE: Scootfruit is a great eco-friendly bike lube, free of petrochemicals that can harm the environment and aquatic life. The lube comes packaged in 100% recycled plastic bottles. The skin-safe lube gives bikers extra peace of mind.

Use: Lubricant for wheel bearings and headsets

Recommended for: Scooters, Bicycles

Packaging: 20 ml recycled bottle


  • All formulas are natural using plant based chemicals, without petrochemicals.
  • Skin safe formula will not damage skin or accumulate in body
  • Natural formula does not pollute the environment
  • 100% recycled plastic bottles
  • Scootfruit office uses LED lighting and other green measures


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