VDO Bicycle Computer M6.1 (Digital Wireless)

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The VDO M6.1 

For those who are always aiming higher: The VDO M6.1 precisely and comprehensively measures the altitude, constantly displaying the latest reading.

Everything is possible from the extensive storing of trip data to the wireless transmission of not only speed, but also heart rate and cadence data (subject to modular expansion).

Bike functions

  • Speed 199 kmh/124 mph
  • Trip distance to 9.999,99 KM/M
  • Ride time 99:59:59 HH:MM:SS
  • Time 12H-AM/PM-24H
  • Total distance 199.999 KM/M
  • Average (decimals) 2
  • Max. speed (decimals) 2
  • Clock (Bike 1/Bike 2) 9.999:59 HHHH:MM
  • Speed comparison
  • Trip section time/trip section distance
  • Second distance counter, programmable
  • Temperature


  • Speed transmission D3 digital wireless
  • Heart rate transmission D3 digital wireless
  • Cadence transmission D3 digital wireless
  • Automatic pairing
  • Automatic bike recognition
  • Speed + heart rate + cadence simultaneously on the display
  • Automatic start/stop Motion-Sensor
  • Computer low battery warning
  • Transmitter low battery warning
  • Data storage during battery change (data + settings)
  • Full text display
  • Suitable for two bikes (two configurable bike sizes)
  • Wheel size configuration via tyre list
  • Display backlight
  • Data memory for 10 trips
  • Docking Station (optional)
  • Downloadable
  • Data Exchange
  • PC converter software generates FIT-file format for data exchange with STRAVA or the like.

Altitude functions

  • Current altitude/current gradient uphill/downhill
  • Altitude profile for the trip
  • Altitude gain/loss/values for the year
  • Maximum altitude 4.999 M/16999ft
  • Average/max. gradient uphill/downhill
  • Distances uphill/downhill

Pulse functions

  • Current/average/max. heart rate
  • Heart rate progression diagram
  • Heart rate zone graph, current heart rate as % of the pers. max. value
  • Calories/total calorie burn
  • Time below/in/above the training zone
  • Three training zones FIT/FAT/OWN
  • Intensity zones graph/four zones

Cadence functions

  • Current/average/max. cadence

The Display

Clear structure for reliable data readouts: the display area has clearly defined areas and enough space to show the individual function values together with the full text description. Efficient structure on a backlit display and therefore plenty of information at a glance.

Button Allocation

The M6.1 has four buttons. Minimalistic principle for the buttons: control as many functions with as few buttons as possible. For simple operation without distractions.

Menu Structure

The M6,1 is simple and intuitive to operate - even while cycling.